Sunday, 20 March 2011


Week in Photos

Mike found broken glasses, he said, and I quote, "I feel like Elton John, but I don't wanna bum men." What a charming sod.

Alex's cat, Cambelly wasn't amused when I wanted to see him in the mini sombrero. Ole!

Wednesday was a catch up night with my girls. We had huge plates of nachos, chicken wings, waffles and as seen above, took funny photos on Danni's camera when she was occupado :')

Making rude objects with the salt...

Andy didn't appreciate me trying to make him like an ethereal Wonder Woman.

Spent yesterday morning redoing half of my poster wall. Crap photo but will post it properly later.

The goodies I promised myself for after I do some uni work. The Crunchie biscuits look soo nice.

Snack pot of roast onion mash. Looks disgusting but it's gorgeous, doesn't taste like crap ready-mash either. 69p from Asda, bargain!
Spent last night in Jack's, we watched Family Guy & America Dad while being really silly. He let me sleep in this morning while he went to work. Doing uni work now so I can get ready for Heather's gig in time. She's got a brand new band and this is their first gig so I'm excited to see them play :)

What've you been upto this weekend? :)

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  1. I've tried the cous-cous and noodle meals from Asda, haven't tried the mash yet and I normally love mash.