Monday, 2 August 2010


I went to H&M after work on Saturday, and picked up a couple of slouchy vests - £3.99 each, absolute bargain since they'll go with everything! H&M's usually where I initially go for basics and slouchy stuff, but they're amazing for key pieces too.
Wanted to put up some new outfits as I've lived in those vests this weekend. I've added a photo of the playsuit I bought again from H&M earlier this year - hands down the comfiest thing I could pull from my wardrobe.
Despite Jack telling me I look about 5 in it, I love it to pieces :)

(Also, apologies for the red-eye in the photos; couldn't turn it off my stupid camera)

Vest, £3.99, Jeans - Primark, £7.99; Belt; £3.50 - Vintage

Vest, £3.99, Skirt, £7.99, Necklace, £2.99

Playsuit, £24.99, Vest, £3.99

Also, myself, Heather & Andri have planned a little 3-day adventure to see Donna, who's just moved into a flat in Leeds; she's all by herself this week so we're popping down for a few nights to keep her company, check out the shops and best places to go for a drink and a dance!
Will keep you posted, hopefully lots of photos to come :)

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  1. That play suit is so so cute. Im yet to find one that i like which is a good price.
    You must tell me about leeds, as i have never been there.