Sunday, 15 August 2010


Some photos to keep you amused during the next few friggin' paragraphs.. going off on a tangent again are we Jessica...

Helloo, sincere apologies for the lack of updates recently, but I do, as always, have a few excuses...

- I'm still mourning over my camera, and I'm resisting going to the
camera shop and enquiring about the fixing price as I fear it will cost more than the damn camera ¬__¬

- I've been in work alllll weekend, how dare it take over my two-day break from doing, well, not much. But it's been a hectic two days in the ol' shop - at lunch today I let some 'dude' walk into Tesco before me, he grabbed the last Chocolate Fudge Brownie milkshake, you should've seen the anger on my face! Both shifts went fast, but I panicked today as I had a VAT refund form to fill out (which sounds pretty easy, but I've never completed one by myself before, even after being there for THREE YEARS!) but I kept calm, messed it up, made a joke of myself, which I'm still not sure if the poor woman understood, but I kept my cool and fixed it... all by myself.
It's quite an achievement for me as I've always ran the other way and shouted for someone's help if I ever saw one of these forms in the past, but I feel a hurdle has been jumped, and this makes me determined to keep at it. However sad I may seem, I couldn't give a bigger shit as I'm proud of myself ^__^

Anyway, back to my lengthy and seemingly ridiculous excuses for my tardiness (my love for this word is aston
ishing) ...
I've spent the majority of this past week either with my friends, ordering far too much food for far too small a price, drinking Cider with diluting Ribena - try it, you won't be disappointed! Or laughing about some vile person she knows and I don't but I dislike him greatly, or curled up in Jack's, with a cuppa, some sweeties and a ruddy good movie (failing that, Alan Partridge has filled our time wonderfully)

My last excuse is my terrible, purse ruining addiction to magazines. I think I may have bought twice as many this week as I usually do. But it's not that bad considering I haven't yet renewed my Company sub, so seeing the last copy of September's issue in Sainsbury's was just fate.
Even if nobody else thinks it's fate, I do.
So is bagging the last box of diddy donuts and flapjack; 2 for £2.50, yeeeah ^__^
I'm so aware of how pathetic those excuses are, and with my head hung in shame, I'm shuffling off to watch Hocus Pocus and wait for Summerslam to come on. (No judgement, I'm a life-long wrestling fan!)
I promise I'll be back ASAP with pretty outfit photos and interesting blog posts, but for now it's adios.


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  1. Great photos
    I had to laugh about you VAT return form I hate filling out Tax Free shopping forms can never work out the amount xoxo