Monday, 23 August 2010


Issue Four of Love magazine is out today, and features and array of beautiful and equally individual women - but Rose Huntington Whiteley (mouthful or what) is simply gorgeous and my favourite out of the bunch, I would happily frame this and put it above my bed with sheer pride.
While I am yet to watch her in the newest Transformers movie, I think I'll manage without for the time being.

The majority of the other covers can be found in the following links:

Now, I don't really follow Agyness Deyn, but I'm sorta hoping the bridge piercing is fake, anyone know?

I'll post again later with some outfits from this week - need to find my memory card!


  1. This is a nice picture.
    Im sorry to be daft but whats Love magazine?
    Are you going to Matthew street this weekend?

  2. I've not long found out about it, but it's a fashion mag, think its only out twice a year though?
    I don't think I am, I'm working :( might go sunday night though, dunno who's on?
    Btw we have a 20% event tomorrow and friday - im working thursday night, but you have to open a card for the discount. come find me if your in town though :)