Wednesday, 11 August 2010


If you're anything like me, this news will excite you more than anything!
It's probably old news to most by now, but the first I heard about it was skimming through my blogs this morning...

H&M are opening an online store 16 September!

I'll happily admit that the majority of my wardrobe comes from H&M, thanks to their high quality, yet low priced gotta-have-them clothes. It's usually the first place I go when on the hunt for new beauties to add to my bulging wardrobe; I dread to think how much I've spent in there over the years.
However, the new website will bring me much joy, especially since I can never seem to find anything in store that I see in magazines... apart from, of course, the greatly stressful hunt for my denim playsuit, as seen here back in April - nowhere had it for a good month or so after I'd seen it in about four magazines. Found a size 10, too big! Then I hunted high and low for a few weeks until I found a size 8 hidden away in a rail of Sale (it wasn't in the sale, sadly!) But I still love it to pieces and wear it as often as I can!
My boyfriend, Jack always comments on how young I look in it, but with my (21st!) birthday getting ever closer, I secretly like when people say I look younger than I actually am!

Do you have any favourite pieces from H&M you can't stop wearing?


  1. Your almost 21, i thought you where like 19 haha. Well 2 guesses as to how old i am haha
    But on to the subject i LOVE the fact H&M are going online. AHhhh i cant wait!

  2. Awh really? haha thank you, noone ever thinks i'm 20!
    i won't need 2 guesses :P haha
    same!! i'll probs end up spending waaay more money though, oh well ^__^

  3. I didn't know H&M are going onine! Yay, I love it there too :D I was going to get the same playsuit but decided I wouldn't wear it as much as I should, even though it's gorgeous :) x