Monday, 5 March 2012

#125 - March Project 10 Pan

March Project 10 Pan

Can you believe it's March already! Where is this year going?!

I probably don't have anywhere near as many unused/half full products as other bloggers, but I thought I would do a quick post on my latest Project 10 Pan.
I did post about a past one sometime last year, and obviously failed to keep up with posting my new ones each month on here, so I'm going to try again!
But here's a brief look at what's in my box this month that I'm hoping to use up :)
(Also I'm aware there's only 9 products in the photos, but I forgot to stick my Sleek palette in)

-Garnier Summer Body Gradual Tanner is something I wish I was more enthusiastic to use all the time, as I love having a healthy tan, but it smells really odd after it sinks in. Granted it doesn't smell as bad as fake tan, it smells of apricots, but once it settles on my skin, it smells warm if that makes sense? I only have half a bottle left so it should be first to go.
-St Ives Firming Moisturiser works brulliantly but I have two bottles to use up, so this needs to go, I've started slathering it on morning and night as you can use it as often as you like.
-Dove Go Fresh Body Wash has a gorgeous, fresh smell, perfect for Spring. But again, this has been sat in the bathroom unloved while I bummed my S&G shower gels for a good few months.
-S&G The Righteous Butter - I have a full tub of this from Christmas, raring to go, but I don't want to leave this travel sized tub in the drawer. So this will be coming with me when I stay in Jack's so I use it before I go to bed.
-S&G Scrub Em & Leave Em Body Scrub isn't my favourite, it feels like it leaves a film on my skin after I use it, I much prefer S&G Flake Away, I think it's amazing.
-Crest White Strips, pretty self-explanatory, I think my teeth could do with a little whitening. Simple.
-Tresemme Split End Remedy Mask and Aussie 3MM are my HG hair masks, as they really condition and improve the look of my hair. Both are half empty but I'll repurchase once empty.
Little odd one at the end is the Paris Hilton perfume. Bought it on a whim from Home Bargain, ended up loving it, getting bored of it and shoving it in a drawer for 6 months. Refound it when clearing my room out and might as well finish it before repurchasing. Really nice light but girly fragrance for Spring.

Fingers crossed this box will be empty come April and I'll have more products to blog about :)

Have you started a Project 10 Pan? If so link with your blog post below, I like being nosy and seeing what other are trying to use up :)


  1. This is actually such a good idea! I think everyone's exactly the same and just uses the same stuff over and over and forgets about the little things they buy and never get round to using! Definitely will give this a try soon (:

    1. Yeah, I was getting fed up of having four of the same thing and my drawers being too full. I hope you do it soon, definitely leave me a link if you make a post about it :) x

  2. I've been doing this, but I failed horrifically last month. I just can never be bothered to use all my products up! x

    1. The first time I did this I failed completely and ended up buying more products I didn't really need, don't give up though! x

  3. ok, you've inspired me to do this!! x

    1. you can do it! I've already finished the two little pots up by just remembering to keep them in the shower x

  4. new follower!