Wednesday, 7 March 2012

#126 - mini haul

I went shopping on Monday as I needed some cheap black shoes for my new work, as I wore some that I'm quite fond of on Friday night and they got covered in Mai Tais, Zombies, Pina Coladas, and a number of other items! I allowed myself to buy some clothes too as I haven't bought anything since early December, and I was due some pretty clothes for Spring.
I also got some photo frames from Primark for £1 and got Glamour on my way to the train as it comes with a Percy & Reed hair product I fancied trying out.

Candles, cut-out candle holder: all Primark

I went straight to the home department as I was on the hunt for a jar to store my make up brushes in, and found this pretty hot pink number. I decided to use this for tea lights (see above right) instead and am using my glass candle holder for brushes and whatnot.
If you like delicious smelling candles but don't want to fork out your hard-earned pennies, I suggest you look out for these Vanilla Frosting candles - only £1!
And it smells amazing even before you light it, like hot popcorn. I doubt that was the smell they were going for, but it's still yummy!

Jarmie pants and shorts: Primark - Chinos: H&M

I certainly don't need any more jarmie pants, but at £1 each in the sale I couldn't say no, so snapped up these bad boys. They're so comfy, but I'll be sticking to the pants for now as it's still pretty nippy in England!
Chinos are something I've been after for maybe a year now, but could never find either the right colour, shape, length or size I wanted, so I gave up. Thankfully I found these by chance as soon as I stepped into H&M. Perfect fit, perfect length, and I love the colour. I'm proud of myself as I usually choose black pants, maybe I'm evolving/maturing...

Grey top, striped dress: H&M

The grey top isn't something I necessarily needed - I have about five grey tops already. It was the fit that drew me in, it's so comfy and slouchy, I won't have a problem pairing it with something. The dress was again an impulse buy, but I did realise once I got home that I don't have a striped dress ( I do but I don't wear it often, it's more suited to nights out) to wear on a day-to-day basis. It looks like nothing on the hanger, but it fits like a glove, looks really nice on. I just have to buy some nude underwear now as I was wearing black when I tried it on; looked awfully trampy haha

Tops: All Primark

The New York top is from the men's department; I prefer going there for t shirts as they're comfier, and usually half the price! This was only £3 so I suggest you snap it up quicksmart, or just rob it from your boyfriend!
I love the horse print on the middle top, the only thing I'm unsure of is the peplum bottom of it; I will probably just wear it tucked into a high-waisted skirt anyway so I'm not too fussed.
Again the striped top is something I'll wear tucked into jeans or a skirt, but I loved the colours on it and I was well overdue some brighter items in my seemingly monotone wardrobe.

Watch: Next - Necklaces, Rings: H&M

I've been without a watch for maybe two months now, since my last one pretty much fell off my wrist due to me wearing the strap out! My auntie gave me a giftcard at Christmas and I've only just gotten round to buying another watch, nothing fancy just a plain gold with a leather strap.
I don't have any long gold necklaces, these were only £3.99 so snapped them up, along with the sets of rings and a gold ring as I only have one at the moment, and I tend to wear about four rings at once.

Have you picked up any bargains in Primark lately?


  1. i really like the plain grey top and the jewellery! i'm after a watch just like that, looks gorgeous x

    1. Thank yoou lovely :) It was only £25 in Next, They've got loads of lovely simple watches with leather straps should have a nosey :) x

  2. Vanilla frosting candle sounds lush! Can't beat Primark PJs!xxx