Monday, 19 March 2012


After seeing the lovely Zoe post about this miracle cream last month, I have since kept my eye open hoping to grab a pot to try out for myself.

It is a cream version of Re-Gen Oil, a more affordable version of Bio Oil, but it does just as good a job so there is no need to fork out for the real thing.
As much as I love the oil and how it has helped the stretch marks I have on my thighs and any scarring on my face and arms, I'm so impatient, so waiting for it to sink in really bugs me. My own fault!

I was in my local Home Bargain earlier today, looking for nail varnish remover and their trusty foldable boxes, when I spotted a sinble box of this in their skincare aisle. I pounced on it before anyone else had the chance!
I am yet to try it, but it has a very thick texture, and smells pleasant enough, nothing too strong. The smell actually reminds me of Sudocrem for some reason?

I have oily-combination skin, which seems to have calmed down a lot over the last few months, which was surprising as Winter usually send my skin into a manic state. But I also have slight redness on my cheeks which has always irritated me, but I just cover it with makeup. I am hoping that this will help calm the redness on my face and help with my skin tone which is appalling.

But I will be trying this out before bed later and will continue to use it as part of both my morning and night-time skin routines; hopefully it will live up to the high standards it has been set and the great reviews I've read online.
This 125ml tub was only £3.99 from Home Bargain, but I'm not sure if Home Bargain is only based in the NW of England? You can buy it online here, and at £3.99 you can't complain.

Do you use this or anything similar? Do you have a miracle skin cream to recommend?

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  1. Please do a review of this after a couple of weeks! (: I read Zoe's post too and have been tempted to buy it as well, but was a little bit wary at first, so if it works for you too then I'll definitely give it a go! Just hope my local store stocks it x

  2. ooh this sounds so good! I'm always tempted to try bio oil for scars on my face, but I've heard such mixed reviews on it! I've never seen a Home Bargain, (I'm in the south west), which is a shame!
    I've tagged you in a post btw :) xx