Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Haven't done an outfit post in a little while, so I thought I'd treat you guys to yesterday's outfit ;)

I had originally wanted to wear the striped dress alone, but the seam of it has somehow twisted in the wash, so it looks odd when on and rides up at the back. I do however, really like it layered up underneath a plan black dress, I think it looks quite cute :) Teaming it with spotty tights, unphotographed brogues and my favourite waist belt to nip it in a little.

Black dress - H&M; Striped Dress - New Look; Tights - Primark; Belt - Vintage;
Jewellery - JWLRY, Sunken Rose, gifted; Chipped nails - Models Own Top Turquoise.

I think I may wear this with a chunky cream knit scarf and my big winter coat when I start my final year of uni on Monday. It's pretty daunting that it's rolled around so soon, I don't feel prepared in the slightest! I'll be alright though, just impatiently waiting for my loan to be approved into my account, frustrating as others have already been spending theirs :(

Just a quick question. has anyone else had posts from this blog pop up in their blog roll? It's appeared in mine for the past few days, yet when I check who I am following, it doesn't show up. They post about eight times in a row, it clogs up my box and I don't know what/who it is?!
I've already reported it as spam so I'm hoping it goes soon, I don't want to click on the blog itself incase it's a virus! D:

Aaanyway, I'm going to try and ignore that, catch up one everyone's posts from yesterday and then chill out watching Supernatural with a cuppa :)

If anyone has a Tumblr, please leave your link in a comment, or follow mine, I'm always on the look out for new ones to follow :) Warning, I do post a lot of wrestling photos, but there's something you're bound to like at one point!

Has anyone else started back at uni? Anyone in their first year and enjoying Freshers? :)


  1. Gorgeous ring ! Love Lily's shop :)

  2. I never had that problem before so I cant help you with that..I'm in my first year of my phd studies but I cant say that I enjoy freshers' days and parties..I'm just working all day :( Visit my blog, I have a handmade necklace give away you might be interested :)

  3. What a pretty dress, it looks lovely! Beaut nail varnish, too. :) I've not had an issue with any blog like that, but you're smart not clicking on the link, just in case. x