Sunday, 16 May 2010


Ok, new girl crush time... Sorry Anne but you'll have to sit on the shelf for a little bit, until I get over these two beauts from ANTM Cycle 14.
Watching the new cycle on the net has made me really happy; I don't like waiting for it to come onto Living as I manage to miss the cruicial eps :(

The one disappointment of this cycle is the intro music/video - they're definitely trying too hard to be edgy and modern, it just doesn't work. Less is more, the intros for cycle 7-13 were much better.
However, Tyra's definitely cranked it up a notch with these two - Raina Hein; looks like Jennifer Connelly/Denise Richards' hotter little sister and she seems totally down-to-earth. Usually I hate big eyebrows, but come to mama...

And the second girl crush of '10 is Jessica Serfaty - she got married at 16 and has a little boy, idc; she's fresh-faced and gorgeous!

Invisible shoes ^ (L)

Hubba Hubba.
I hope they make it big, but Raina should have definitely won :(

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