Thursday, 13 May 2010


So my copy of Diamond Eyes fell onto my door mat this morning.
I love it so much, it's seriously not coming out of my cd player, apart from when I put it on my Ipod.
I need to re-listen to Deftone's previous albums as I haven't listened to them properly since early December; don't ask me why, I'm a fool. However I can safely say that this is my favourite album of theirs.. maybe White Pony is at the same level, but then again I've loved everything they'v done.
You can tell that Chino's vocals are stronger in ths album, whether he's stopped smoking, or found a better way to sing if that's at all possible - the vocals just sound cleaner/they clarity in his voice is 'top notch'.

I noticed the backing vocals sound strange, you can tell it's somebody filling in for Chi. I seriously hope he gets better soon :/

I've listened to the whole album maybe three times while I was getting ready this morning, and about four times since I got home, but Beauty School is my favourite track so far.
The lyrics are beautiful, Chino has to be one of the most intriguing lyricists in the world IMO.

I kinda like you when
When you make up the reel
You take the phone in your room
Stop the tape or resume
Well you could try if you think it will load

I watch you taste it
I see your face
And I know I'm alive
You're shooting stars
From the barrel of your eyes
And it drives me crazy, it drives me wild


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