Thursday, 13 May 2010


Over the last week or so I have eaten enough food to feed the 4,000. I know Nicky (mother) says that all the time, but it's genuinely meant this time!

Right, brief food diary, woop with excitement won't you Heather..

Last Friday: Cheese toastie for breakfast (suprisingly delish), Greg's Spicy Chicken slice x2, YumYums x3, and Chinese for tea.
Saturday: Nothing all day but toast and doughnuts, until we went to Red Hot Buffet for Heather's Twenteenth (more on that later) I think I had about four fat plates of curry, noodles, samosas, chicken, everything! Annd a plate full of ice cream and mini desserts; which are amazing!
Sunday: Roast dinner after work, and snacking on chocolate into the wee hours.
Monday: Noodles. Lots of them, can't remember my tea, probably noodles.
Tuesday: More noodles, then a Yums, thennn a fat pizza and chips at about 2am.
Today: Cuppa for breakfast (feeling dodgy) then Maccies with Heather, didn't help much :')

Overall I feel like a total fatty, but I don't mind so much because I might actually put some weight on! Keepin' my fingers crossed.

Right, Saturday night was 'date night', or Heather's early Twenteenth celebrations :)
Myself and Danni wandered over to help her get ready/hurry her up as the meal was booked for 9. (we didn't start eating til about 9.45, like that matters) I helped her volumise her hair, but refused to put falsies on her as her eyelids are like paraletic monkies when she says they're closed. LIAR!
Anyways, Mr Sutton kindly gives us a lift to the station, not forgetting Vicki who we squeezed into the back basically sitting Caroline's lap. Andri was waiting for us and was in charge of tickets, so we ran as the train was there, shouting, "NOOOOOOO, DON'T LEAVE!"
We made it but looked like the unfittest people in Liverpool. Hey ho, life goes on.

Red Hot Buffet is amazing, if you look past the whole Heather spilt her drink on herself *claps* and the mandtory tip. I tip anyways but if it's force upon me I feel the need to rebel. Hence the snappy comment card remarks.

Taxi to Scream was, interesting let's say.. Met Sarah, Hannah, Abbie, Day, Michael and bumped into Casey, Jay etc.
Then stood in The Flute/outside for about 10mins while nobody could decide where we should go. When we all decided on Cava, we change our minds again. After that there was more of a kerfuffle, people parted ways, etc. Most of us ended up in the K, with the others catching up later on.
A lot of dancing, drinking, falling over, taking stupid eyes half-closed photos, more "dancing" took place.

I enjoyed it, I always do when I go out with that group :)

Fun times for all!

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