Sunday, 13 June 2010


Haven't updated this for just under a month, I feel disgusted but not too bothered; makes me think I've been pretty busy/having too much fun to come on this, which is a good thing :)
So here's a (not so brief) update, with a fat separate post about Cornwall still to come, avec photos of the beach, our awesome beach castle creations and the swans...
The 24th May was mine and Jack's 3-year anniversary ^__^ so we did it old school and went to the Switch Island Odeon with load of sweeties and Cherry Tango, to see Prince of Persia. The movie was pretty good, despite the cheese-toasty acting; but I later realised all the POP games are laced with cheesy and awkward one-liners when Jack was playing it a few days later. It's swimming in cool CGI, but they maybe took it one flip too far; some of them did seem unnecessary, but didn't really take away from the fact it was an enjoyable film.

After Cornwall, and the hottest car journey home ever, I pretty much showered, changed and jumped on the train for Donna's birthday bbq at her flat. It was lovely seeing Heather, Danni, Andri and Donna after almost two weeks, got to show off my awesome half-tan too.
We left Donna's to go for some drinks and dancing; off to Baabar where Heather got mentally scarred and mouth-raped by a guy who looked about 14 and danced like Michael Cera. So we go to Popworld, which was more enjoyable, apart from the guys in white suits - one completed his look with a bangin' mullet and 'tash. I got scarred by some dude who though dancing like a crab/fly hybrid was amusing/appealing to anybody :| Weirdest thing ever!
Actually it was weirder when I met Heather in a taxi Monday to go to Las Iguanas, she pulled out a crab toy from her work; it's now chilling with the green hippo hanging from my shelf.

Too much writing, writing writing. More updates soon.

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