Thursday, 24 June 2010


Monday - went to L1 gardens with Heather, Donna, Hope & Andri for a post-party PICNIC (correct spelling Miss Banks!)
Had loads of fun, caught the sun a little bit, ate lots of cakes, butties, doritos and salsa, moreee cake and doughnuts! Gorgeous day, even with the strange people who were dragging a massive bin liner round the garden only to tie the ends and let it float away, as seen below. Peculiar indeed.

After Hope left to pack for Paris (jealousy doesn't come close to the right word) Myself, Andri, Donna & Heather pottered about for a while, decided on Yums and then Hannah's Bar for some well-deserved cocktails. Word of advice - the Dr Pepper cocktail doesn NOT taste like Dr Pepper. All I could taste was Carlsberg, yuck.


  1. I love laying around in this park with the boy.
    We have the funniest people spotting momments here.
    Are you from Liverpool?

  2. That was my first time lazing there properly, i wanna see the beach they'v put up there!
    yeah i've lived here about ten years now, i'm assuming you are too? :)