Monday, 7 November 2011


Week in Photos

(I would like to apologise for the different qualities in photos - some were with a camera, others with my crappy phone camera)

- Catching up on some wrestling from the other week

- A couple of cheeky purchases; the formula's so good, they haven't chipped in five days!
- Filling myself up with tea and the nicest (store bought) popcorn ever
- Didn't have to embrace the cold on Bonfire night as I could see about them from ten different places from my window :)
- The aftermath of my birthday night out, I should be renamed Calamity Jane
- Jack bought Athur for my birthday but the git on the till didn't take the security tag out so we (I obviously mean Jack, but I like to think of us as a team) had to hack into the box with pliers, thanks HMV ¬_¬
- Started watching The Office US this week and wish I had done so sooner, it's so funny, Dwight is a legend
- One of many gorgeous sunsets from my window this week
- My favourite song at the mo is Ever by Team Sleep, the side-project of Deftones singer Chino. (The links are to various songs of theirs) They're not everyone's cup of tea, but I love both bands and this song's so nice to chill out to.

I've also been filling up, or attempting to anyway, the 80gb classic iPod I got for my birthday from my parents. I've already put around 600 songs on there and it's hardly made a dent to the space! Any suggestions of bands/artists I should download, I have more than enough space :)

I will have some more interesting posts coming up soon, I'm just bogged down with uni work atm :/ roll on Christmas holidays!


  1. that mug is awesome! i have a VW beetle and my cousin's husband used to have a camper van Xx

  2. :( What did you do to your arm, lady? FEEL BETTER SOON! xxx

  3. I've been liking Chase & Status and Ed Sheeran recently, and uhhh I'm jealous of your almighty 80gb iPod, my 32gb is almost full to the brim!