Thursday, 24 November 2011


I've been meaning to post for ages now, just didn't know what to post about! So I figured I would reel you all back in with a super fun, super quick update post, since I'm so good at them ^_^ (sarcasm fyi :P )

- Jumping on the uni bus with Lauren's Deb's discount card as I'd left my uni card in my other bag - nightmare, but it bloody worked!
- Finally got a new phone after wrestling with the shitty cube I've had three handsets of since February. It's touch screen but a Qwerty keyboard flips out the bottom. Fingers crossed this one doesn't hate me too.
- Quick couple of bits I picked up in town today before we head to sunny Skeggy for the Big Reunion tomorrow.
It's basically an indoors festival with loads of bands playing, the Dirty Sanchez guys are gonna be there doing midget tossing up a velcro wall. There's a spa, go karting, all kinds, can't wait to get there and see everyone from Gumbet! The second night is an 80's theme too so I picked up a spotty headband, gonna crimp my hair too I think? Cringey photos will follow haha
-Dry shampoo as it was on offer in Superdrug, and I've been wanting to try the new Loreal Reinforcing Root Application, which was also on offer so it can't hurt to give it a go. I have quite crap hair so I'm hoping it will bulk it up a little!
-Some false lashes to go along with the 80's theme, and I got some false nails after reading Lily's review on them. Going to pick up some stronger nail glue and try them next week.
- Lauren also spoilt me with a belated birthday Nandos today, which was amazing! Get the butterfly chicken if you're going anytime soon, yum ^_^

Have you got any plans for over the weekend?
Anyone going the Big Reunion by any chance? :P


  1. I just ate, am full, and yet that photograph has made me want more. HOW? Glad you're well and busy! x

  2. Ah, i want Nandos now! got such a craving right now x

  3. congrats on getting a new phone and yum love the food pic it makes me hungry lol

  4. Haha hope you had fun at the festival. That food looks amaaazing, I've never had Nandos before though.

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