Monday, 24 October 2011


Week in Photos

- Picked up my NUS card with an embarrassingly posed photo after locating the Student Union. Our new student centre is too hip and doesn't blend in with the old buildings, but they do a venti tea for £1.65, brilliant!

- Mid-uni work snack of Caramel Nibbles from Home Bargain. At 49p a pop I'm keeping a stash in my desk.

- Got this bread in my Graze box this week - popped it in the microwave to warm up, it's gorgeous ^_^

- Badly chipped nails after only a day of wear, not a happy bunny :(

- Gorgeous rings I bought from Lily at JWLRY - I'm in love with the turquoise eye one, it's so cool.

- Just an insight to my spider-like handwriting in my Moleskin diary, and my Reporting Government work, it's pretty tedious learning everything.
- A friend gave me a sample of the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser which I used this morning, and I will definitely be buying it on payday!

Other things to happen:
- Purchased a couple of items from Lyzi's blog sale; will be featuring them in an outfit post tomorrow :)
- Found this blog, definitely my new favourite blog to read before bed.
- Listened to a lot of Chili Peppers this week - favourite song!
- Organising my birthday night out since it's my birthday next Tuesday! Can't wait, I'm just trying to narrow down my outfit options... no pressure ;)

Does anyone have a favourite blog I should check out? I am in need of some new'uns to add to my list :)


  1. Haha it may be posed but at least it's definitely a photograph you like, hey! AMAZING job on the nails, even if they did get chipped - rock that look! ;) Happy early Birthday, too! x

  2. The penguin header on your blog is so cute!!! I love the rings you're wearing, looks good alongside the purple nails. xxx

  3. Right I've finally been persuaded to buy those rings from LLMLRS, they look gorgeous on you, and think I might have to sign-up for Graze boxes again, looks like they've got some new stuff xx

  4. Great post. I really like your blog.^^

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  5. Ahh, Graze! That bread looks lush. X