Saturday, 21 January 2012


Just a quick post on some things I've picked up recently and loved from the get go.
After seeing Vivianna's post and video on her updated Nailcare Routine and Collection, which included her raving about OPI's Nail Envy nail strengthener, saying her nails are in great condition after using it.
As a serial nail painter, my poor nails have taken a severe beating over the years, and are currently quite weak and peeling. Certainly doesn't help that I've been wearing false nails for the last month in an attempt to hide my poor nails!

Vivianna said the OPI Nail Envy collection are priced at £18 each, but Ebay's a good place to hunt for a bargain if you can't justify forking out that much. So I had a little geg and found this seller, and snapped up the OPI Nail Envy and OPI's Rapi Dry top coat for just £17.95 - 5 pence cheaper than one bottle alone. I couldn't ignore this brilliant deal so snapped them up with free P+P.
The seller stated 2nd class delivery takes between 4-6 days which I obviously didn't mind, but I ordered these Thursday afternoon, and by the time I woke up on Friday, they were waiting for me on the hall table - talk about excellent service!
I'm unsure if they still have this offer running, but I would definitely reccommend looking at this seller's item as they have lots of OPI, Essie, Shellac and other high quality nailcare brands available.

Another item I'm loving is my Travalo. I ordered it just before Christmas from Amazon as it was on offer for £5 instead of £10 which, being honest I would've begrudged paying, and it arrived within two days. At a tiny 8cm tall, it's the perfect size to shove in my bag for whenever I need it, I despise lugging round awkward shaped perfume bottle; I always lose the lid and it sprays in my bag, sad, but nice smelling times :|
You just remove the spray nozzle of your perfume bottle and there is a small rubber bit on the bottom of the Travalo that you attach to the tube and simply pump it up and down until the little gauge has filled up, so easy and fool-proof.

Also, I've just resized my photos on trust Picnik only to see a notice that it's shutting down in April, and moving their facilities to Google+. It's probably going to be exactly the same, but I'm not a fan of Google+. I'm also writing this and realising I'm possibly the last person to see this notice and I'm just rambling on for no reason whatsoever, so I'm going to shut up now and return to my cuppa and Jersey Shore :)


  1. I love travalo, very good invention! X

  2. Lovely blog.

  3. I haven't heard of Travalo before, but it's pretty nifty if you carry your perfume with you!

  4. Love the Travalo idea - would be super handy! I knew Picnkik was moving from picasa but I didn't know it was still going on google +. Has much as I hate google+ I might have to use it, photoshop takes too much time to use.