Sunday, 8 January 2012


Top, Cardigan, Tights: Primark - Skirt: H&M - Nails: 17 Catwalk Couture
Jewellery: Lily Loves Lola, Vivienne Westwood, LLYMLRS, Gifted.

You wouldn't think I took these photos at 3pm in the afternoon! It's pitch black by 4pm most days, pretty depressing, but it means having to cope with crap quality photos for the time being, sorry guys!
Bought this vest/blouse in Primark a couple of weeks, ago, makes me feel all grown up haha. I'm really into monochrome outfits at the moment, and adding a pop of colour with accessories. I guess I'm more comfortable in black/white/grey clothes, it's just what I usually wear and what the majority of my wardrobe holds.
Also, my hair is a dark browny-auburn in real life, it just looks nearly black on photos :/

I've had a really nice weekend - spent yesterday in town with Jack, spending our Christmas pennies. I got a new bag, make up, shoes, and in a "pound shop" a set of 200 Nailene falsies with glue for just £2 as opposed to a fiver online. I suggest you root through your cheap shops before forking out as you might find some hidden gems!
We spent last night watching Dinner for Schmucks which is hilarious! Then Lee Mack's Going Out standup, also so funny. And continuing our Sunday morning ritual, watched Rocky III this morning, only Jack didn't warn me about the sad part so I got all emotional, booo!

Hope you've had a great weekend, anyone do anything nice? :)


  1. I adore your blouse it is so so pretty!


  2. hey huni pie thanks so much for the lovely comment you left me. I am loving this outfit especially that gorgeous peter pan collar and the lovely rusty coloured cardigan. Beautiful!

    XO Amie

  3. Cute outfit! The blouse is sweet, love the collar and the pleating :) 200 nails for £2? thats amazing! Where abouts in the north west are you from?
    Rachelle x

    1. Awh thanks lovely :)
      I'm from Liverpool, I see you're from Preston? I go to Edge Hill uni which is pretty much down the road from there :) Hope you're good!

  4. Love the top, I'm loving anything with a collar at the minute :) xx