Friday, 17 June 2011


Week in Photos

I'm cheating slightly as some of these photos are from the week before I was in Cornwall, just haven't had the chance to share them, doubt you'll mind!

- Playing round with my mum's camera, being vain. it makes me look quite red though, dunno how to use the different settings

- Went with Heather & Danni for a Nandos before Cornwall; medium chicken wings, garlic bread and Peri Peri chips, nom!

- We found a Heather-sized cash machine on the way to BaaBar!

- Last week's Graze box, all so nice think I demolished it that night. Use code C3MVH3H for a free trial box and your second half price

- The ring and bracelet I treated myself to in Perranport. The bracelet's quite long so when it drags across my arm I freak thinking it's a spider or a bug :/

- More empty products for my Project 10 Pan thing, I think I've gone over 10 items by now, but I'll just keep going, doing pretty well

- Our friend Donna moved to London so we went for a farewell meal to Big Bowl Noodle on Berry St, the guys in there know us cos we can't stop going! We all had Satay chicken w/ fried rice, yummy!
If you live in Liverpool please check it out, it's cheap, they do student discount and the portions are huge, I'm not joking!

- Hope's bosom was flashing in Hannah's Bar later that night...

- The gorgeous flowers in our front garden, haven't a clue what they're called but I like'em :)

- One of many cups of tea since being home. This mug is so cool, it's got a lid to keep it at the perfect temperature

- The Body Shop products I purchased using the Groupon voucher I got aaages ago - paid £12 for £30 worth of products. I used it on the very last day as I'd forgotten about it, oops!
I'm very happy with what I got and will do any reviews if you would like?

I'm currently flitting between tidying the house & packing my suitcase in the hopes my passport arrives in time for Turkey on Monday!
I had my interview, but my dad had to drive me to Blackburn as Liverpool's office had no free dates, typical for me! But I rang earlier and the man said it had been printed s should arrive over the weekend, I really hope it does as I'd be devastated if I couldn't go :( Fingers crossed you guys!

Are you going abroad this year? Anywhere nice? :)


  1. That chicken looks aaaamaze. Love Nandos! I wanna try the Graze box thing, looks so yummy. Awm I hope your passport comes in time, I'm not going away until August - most probably when we finally get good weather! x

  2. all that food is making me hungry x

  3. So tempted to do a Project Pan thing! Would love to know what you think of the Body Shop tea tree mask - I've got that £5 gift card that came with In Style mag to spend in there and was after some face stuff to try out x

  4. you look so pretty and the project 10 pan thing sounds like a good idea! x