Thursday, 19 May 2011


Week (and a bit) in Photos

It's been about a fortnight, I know, I know. But uni's nearly over, just got a few bits to pull through next week and I'm finished until October, and I'm all yours :)

- After I tore apart my old rickety desk, my new one is up but I'm yet to take a photo of it, so bear with me if you're actually interested haha. It feels really nice to sit properly instead of lounging on my bed with my laptop all the time, makes me feel more productive I guess?

- Me in my Catastrophe Cosmetic mask from Lush. It's gorgeous, smells of bluberries and leaves my skin really soft and less red. Only down side is when it's drying, it goes slightly powdery, but I can live with it.

- The newsagents by mine sells huuge bags of my favourite M&M's for £1.50, guess who's getting all my spare pennies from now on?
- What I've been flicking through this week, having finished reading Strangers by Dean Koontz - he's such a talented thriller/sci fi writer, worth checking out!

- Movies I have/am going to watch this week. Already watched 40 Y-O Virgin and The Incredibles, plan to watch the modern Romeo & Juliet and maybe Ed Wood later tonight.

- Heather got a car for her 21st, we named it Tracey Beeper! haha awesome name :')
We drove up to Ormskirk to do some stuff at uni and had a look for stuf for her house party on Saturday. Picked up the shoes below for £19.99 in New Look, they're so comfy on, I love the chunky heel.

- The awesome cupcakes my mum's friend made for Heather, they looked gorgeous and tasted yummy.
And the stand they're on was handcrafted by Hope in my lean-to, with a stereo box, cellotape and silver spray paint. I supervised and made the tea ^_^

A couple of photos from her 21st house party and we then ventured into town for flavoured tequila, ridiculous dancing and sweaty times in The Krazyhouse. Such a fun night, everyone was really drunk, but thankfully no nasty drunks :P

Also I'm currently updating my Ipod for some summer tunes and for when we go to Cornwall in two weeks. Any fun/relaxing songs I should download?


  1. The 21st party looks like fun.
    Is that marmite on toast I see, my favourite.

  2. Is that a Marmite mug in the second pic? Fantastic! I really need to see Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, I read the book not so long ago. Lovely shoes too...I was just in Ormskirk today myself! :)