Friday, 30 January 2009


i was amazed in media today.
sat doodling on paper and kevin's arm, i overheard miss talkng about stop-animations. for some reason i decided that is what i will do for my media piece.
i was dead excited so i went and told her my idea, scribbled it down before i forgot it and went back to doodling.

danni took me to homie b's afterwards to get some 40p belgian hot chooclate, they had none left but i found something even better
a bag of mini creme eggs for 29p. i think i've definitely had too many though, i feel greedily sick

going out tonight with people i haven't seen in what seems like years. i'm really looking forward to it, the only downside is i have work tomorrow, no long island ice teas for me :(

a letter arrived for me yesterday as i was opening my new ipod (which is gorgeous ^__^ ) saying that the course i had applied for was being cancelled
just my luck. once i found a course that couldn't have been more perfect for me, they take it away from me. i hate them for it, but i've chosen a similar course that had American Studies as opposed to Culture.
My mum says i shouldn't take it; it sounds "too American"

surely that's the point?

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