Tuesday, 20 January 2009

hello :)

I'm not too sure what I should be writing on this, I might wait until I start uni or something.
I think for now I'll just post photos and useless information about everything :)

I am however, feeling extremely impatient today; Media Studies exam tomorrow. I've probably got about half the amount of notes I'm supposed to have, but I'm so past caring. Coming back for a third year was my only option (I refuse to work full-time in BHS) but I'm so fed up with it I can't wait for it to be over. People are driving me bonkers and my mind has been like a white canvas every time I step into the class.
It happens whenever I try to put something, anything on my piece of paper.
Then again I seem to regularly escape to the last time Jack and I went to Cornwall when I cannot think, and how I'll give pretty much anything to go back this year.

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