Wednesday, 8 August 2012

#143 - NOTD

 Now I must admit I've been naughty with this post, I actually painted these nails over a month ago, even posted a photo on my Twitter I was that proud of them, but never reminded myself to pop them up on here so you can all ooh and ahh over them! (The Models Own Twitter even RT'd my photo, chuffed!)
This is the first time I had tried the old "ombre effect" on my nails (I am also well aware I'm far behind with this trend) but I still think it's too pretty not to share.

I tried my best to capture the true colours but it was really hard and awkward to get it right, but hopefully you get the jist.

For this "ombre effect" I used Essie's Tarte Deco as the base colour, allowed it to dry, then sponged on Models Own's Hedonist on the tips, blending it out to the middle of each nail. I then added Models Own Indian Ocean & Ibiza Mix to add a little more dimension to them.

Overall I'm very chuffed with how they turned out, my favourite nails to do so far. I think I can make them look better on false nails, so I may try that next; would save a lot of time painting them each time I wanna wear them!
I'm going to be experimenting with different colour tones & shades, I really wanna do a purple ombre so that'll probably be up next.

Have you tried the ombre effect on your nails? Any tips on how I can better my technique? :)


  1. ohhh love these! I really need to get a glitter polish on the go :)
    XO Amie

  2. Ooh love these! I really need to try the ombre trend, it looks amazing :) I also need Hedonist in my life haha! xxx