Sunday, 22 July 2012

#141 - Week in Photos

Just a few photos over the last two weeks, mainly food but what else would you expect from me!

new H&M jumper& I like my hair colour here | watching Money in The Bank, oggling Punk | sweet chili chicken & mayo, amazing! | my daily tablets :( | finally bought Battle Royale | cheeky salt & pepper chips while watching Come Dine With Me | super strong Margheritas at my aunties! | hot chocolate on the train home from work at 7am | lovely new dress from the gorgeous Katy :) | rewatching The Office US, love Dwight |  why I shouldn't be let loose in Asda! | Heather being too nice to say no to the pushy Benefit lady


  1. Beautiful dress, beautiful face, and you can't beat a bit of wrestling! :) xxx

  2. Cute photos xx