Tuesday, 9 August 2011

#106 - Riots

I'm sure you've all heard about the awful riots that took place yesterday and early this morning in London, which started out as a mere peaceful protest that got out of control and even caused riots in Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool.
I don't understand how people can just do things like this and think it's a good way to behave, it's disgusting.

London bus set alight

It started in Liverpool at around 11 last night, near Smithdown Road and slowly made its way through the city centre, smashing in windows, setting cars on fire, anything they could think of.
Places like the Tesco on Park Lane and Baa Bar on Myrtle St were still open at this point but the staff couldn't leave and any customers were pretty much sitting ducks, waiting until it was safe. People shouldn't have to live lke this, it's appalling.

Gangs gathering together in Liverpool

My boyfriend and his friend's actually walked down Smithdown Road literally minutes before the violence kicked off. I felt sick to my stomach until he text me to say they were all safe. Yesterday was his 21st as well, just the luck hey.

People's cars were being burned and bricks thrown through house windows, and all they could do was stand by their windows watching it all and sending out photos to show people what was happening.

There are community clean ups happening all day I presume, to try and put some kind of order back into the cities. These are the kind of people who started the peaceful protest in London, not wanting to harm anyone or do anything but get their voices heard, and sadly it was ripped apart by mindless "people" who just wanted to do as much destruction as they could, despite their rioting having no real meaning behind it.
It's disgusting to think that we live in a world where this can happen so easily and spread throughout the country so fast.

I hope that everyone in the affected areas is doing ok and that nobody's seriously injured. I'm still unsure on what exactly got burnt and smashed up in Liverpool, it's hard to tell fact from rumour at half 3 in the morning.
This needs to be dealt with soon, it can't happen again, there'll be nothing left at this rate.


  1. it's absolutely disgusting :( so much for 'Great' Britain at the moment! x

  2. i have heard about these riots, i still cant believe it =[


  3. Ugh... it really is so disgusting. I've ranted about the riots way too much... I'm not even English, but I guess you don't have to be, to be ashamed of the disgraceful behaviour of some of the idiots that think this is 'okay'. I hate them all, really and truly. I hope they catch everyone involved and throw them all in prison for life, England/the world doesn't need people like this roaming free on the streets!

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  4. So so awful. More than awful. I am completely in shock at how anyone could find this behavior "ok". Those people need a serious reality check. That's SO scary he was there right before they broke out. Gosh that's seriously so scary. I'm glad to hear they're all ok though. Great Britain is in my prayers right now.