Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Had a little trip to town with Heather and Andri today... didn't exctly turn out how we had hoped, but hopefully everything will be fine :)

Picked up a couple of bargains in the New Look sale;

This white/blue anchor dress - it was the last in the store so I got it for a mere £5, which was great since I've been eyeing it up online for quite some time. Planning on wearing it with tights, grey cardigan and a thin belt to pull it in slightly.

Second bargain was this floral dress; I don't have many floral items in my wardrobe, and with it being in the sale it's the perfect time to change that (and it has pockets, which is always a bonus IMO). Again, I'll wear it with tights, black lace-up boots, or black flats and a long cardigan in the winter.

I wore the jumper that arrived yesterday morning from the New Look website; comfiest thing I've worn for a while - would suggest getting one for the Winter.
Today I wore it with black tights, denim shorts as the sun kept poking out, and black lace-up boots. I was also happy to not have to carry my hoody round as it's soo big, but the jumper kept me warm all day.
Top - New Look, £12; Denim shorts, £7; Tights, £2.50 - both Primark; Necklace - Vintage.

Now I'm off to Jack's for a lazy night in, I'll probably post another outfit tomorrow :)


  1. Cute outfit, that jumper look yummy and soft.
    The anchor dress is super cute to.
    Have you seen your in my daily reads????

  2. I don't wanna take it off, it's lovely :)
    Yeah i did, thank you! how did you get that on your profile? my layout's pretty simple atm cos i'm not too blogger-literate :')

  3. Its in gadgets. If you just search through the favourite ones you should find it.