Saturday, 14 November 2009


Ok, so I had a gorgeously lazy but perfect birthday weekend with Jack. We went for a meal for his dad's birthday on Hallowe'en, his nan and grandad insisted on paying, they'r the cutest people ever.
I stayed in Jack's and we watched Frankie Boyle's dvd (which is obscenely hilarious) ate loads of crap and lazed in bed all night - I thought I'd be gutted about not going to town, but it was so much better. I love it when it's just us two, not surrounded by drunken nobs dressed as Spongebob and the Terminator.
he bought me the Frankie Boyle dvd, a huge penguin toy/pillow, it's seriously the softest thing I've ever known it's amazing! and he made me a new bracelet after my original one broke, which I think is gorgeous :) I love his presents, he always puts loads of thought into them (L)
I had Sunday off work but I went to get my birthday phone with my mum, then we went to see the Blackpool lights.

I've had the last week off uni as a "reading week" which has been lovely but this week I felt crap,
I think my mother passed on her gastric flu to me over this past week, I've felt crap.
Lovely things have happened though to balance it out. I went to see Fantastic Mr. Fox with Jack - weirdest movie ever but it's too good to not see. I love the way their legs move when they proper storm over the fields :')

This week in uni has been hilarious, mostly because nob'ed hasn't bothered to turn up, and when she did she couldn't stick to her word, she lied about going to a friend's funeral. She's definitely not worth it (apart from this little part) :)
Everyone's completely come out their shell, sitting in CMIST on our breaks is the funniest thing ever. I'll have to put up the gif's Cole made of him and the guys, they'r so disturbing, but you can't turn away :')

I'm off to watch the 40 Year Old Virgin with a cuppa though, I got it on my break today in CEX for £1.50, the guy ID'd me for Interview with the Vampire, which made me feel pretty good as I've felt incredibly old since turning TWENTY last week.

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