Tuesday, 7 July 2009


my facking computer's still broken but i just use nicky's laptop until the wee hours of the morning while she's fast asleep. i'm worried that i'll lose all the music i've got on my pc, there's literally thousands of songs i don't want to lose. and just to add salt to the wound all of my photos are on there too; i knew i should have saved them onto a pen or something but i just don't think. again i've got thousands of hilarious and strange photos i've taken on there that i would be devastated if i lose.

i'm still freaked out that i bought michael jackson's greatest hits album the morning he died, before it even happened. jack said i was a jinx, that didn't exactly help me so i am now wary of what i purchase on cd. with that in mind i may pop off down the shops and get la roux's album, cross my fingers and hope for the best.

probably a tad late in giving them a good listen, but who cares - i am officially in love with florence and the machine. her voice is so haunting and she's awesome, i'm dying to see them live.

right now this laptop's burning my legs through the pillow and my eyes are finally trying to shut against my will, so this is goodbye for now...

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