Wednesday, 15 April 2009


no idea why, but lately i've been snapping and lashing out at stupid, unnecessary things.
for instance, i've been staying at jack's alot this easter, but for the stupidest reasons i've been getting stroppy and in a mood with him, which then turns the day abit sour. i'd love to know why i do this, i really think it's genetic or something cos i can't control when it happens, like this morning, he was going to get his breakfast and i was still in bed, wanting more sleep as always. jack pulls the covers off me and starts messing about, but i flip and start moaning, 'oh my god whyyy did you pull the covers off me? i don't even want any breakfast, meh meh meh'
i also storm up the stairs to do my makeup, but then i go in a little happy mood for maybe an hour or so, but then something so small just turns me again.

i feel like jekyl and hyde, it's really not doing me any favours.

i'm pretty aware that it's unlikely anybody's going to read this, but i just feel better writing this out, again no idea why.

anyway, i need to wash this facemask off, the smell of tea tree's turning my tummy.

papa roach gig tomorrow, soo excited i've never seen them live and even though they're playing Download i'm just really looking forward to seeing them on their own :D

if i have any, i'll put photos up tomorrow.

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